Steam Engines

  • PM Research Steam Engine #7

    Steam Engine #7

    WORKING REPLICA STATIONARY STEAM MILL ENGINE This kit comes as an un-machined casting kit or fully machined. This makes it a great project for any hobbyist or the more enthusiastic machinist with a small lathe. Because of the twin cylinders, this engine...

    $179.00 - $329.00
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  • PM Research Steam Engine #5  1/8 scale model

    Steam Engine #5

    WORKING VERTICAL COKE BOTTLE STYLE MILL ENGINE This is a 1/8 scale model of an original engine manufactured by the Orr & Sembower Company of Reading, Pa. The original engine was a six horsepower class F engine according to the Orr & Sembower...

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  • Steam Engine #4

    Steam Engine #4

    WORKING VERTICAL STEAM ENGINE This is not a scaled-down model, but a full-size working steam engine. It is a replica of a rare old steam engine used for various small portable power applications a century ago. This engine was sold as a casting kit in...

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  • PM Research Steam Engine #2 casting kit for the machinist, engine model steam

    Steam Engine #2

    WORKING MODEL OSCILLATING STEAM ENGINE Often adapted for small marine applications, this engine has a simple but unique porting system. The head oscillates as it runs, swinging the port holes from inlet to exhaust. A great novice engine as well as fun...

    $69.00 - $124.00
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  • PM Research, Steam Engine #1 machined

    Steam Engine #1

    WORKING REPLICA 1880's STEAM DRILLING ENGINE Long a mainstay of the Pennsylvania and New York oil fields, these engines can still be found in use today, although most have been converted to half breed gas engines. This 1/8 scale replica has a 12" overall...

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  • PM Research steam engine #3  machined and unmachined model kit

    Steam Engine #3

    WORKING REPLICA STATIONARY STEAM MILL ENGINE This engine is similar to those used to provide line shaft power to factories and mills in the 1800s. The line shafts conveyed the power to machinery via pulleys and flat leather belts. With a 2-1/4" inch...

    $89.00 - $179.00
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  • PM Research Steam Engine #6

    Steam Engine #6

    HORIZONTAL STATIONARY WORKING STEAM ENGINE This is the horizontal sister to our #4 Engine. Both engines were sold as casting kits by the Charles A. Strelinger Co. of Detroit, MI. Both were rated at 1/4 H.P. Wow! Our second full size engine! You could...

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  • Steam Engine #8

    Steam Engine #8

    TWIN CYLINDER OSCILLATING MARINE ENGINE AHOY MATES! Many of you have asked for it. Well, here it is! PM's first true marine engine. You are going to love this little Beauty! This unique engine has forward, reverse, and speed control capabilities, using a...

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