Solar Accessories

  • Flywheel Castings

    Flywheel Castings

    Cast aluminum, bronze, & cast iron flywheels. SKU RIM O.D. WIDTH HUB O.D. MATERIAL FWC-5AP 1-7/8 7/8 5/8 ALUMINUM 1-1/2 oz. FWC-5BP 1-7/8 7/8 5/8 BRONZE 5 oz. FWC-2A 2-3/8 5/8 1/2 ALUMINUM 2-1/2 oz. FWC-3A 2-3/8 5/8 1/2 ALUMINUM...

    $8.00 - $45.00
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  • Lubrication Kit

    Lubrication Kit

    This Lubrication kit comes complete with a 2oz. bottle, funnel, 18ga. needle with cover, and 22ga. needle with cover. Works great for applying lubricant to any bearing surface as well as refilling, displacement lubricators, drip feed oilers, and oil cups...

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  • Solar #3 Cam

    Solar #3 Cam

    Replacement cam for Solar Engine #3 Flame Eater. This is the later improved cam, if you have an early version of the Flame Eater engine this cam will improve it's performance.  

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  • "V" Groove Pulley

    "V" Groove Pulley

    Designed for use on Solar Engines with NO-68 Flexible Drive Belt. NO-84-3 "V" Groove Pulley is 1/2" O.D. with a 3/16" bore. Fits all Stirling Engine models. NO-84-4 "V" Groove Pulley is 1/2" O.D. with a 1/4" bore. Fits Solar #3 Flame Eater.  

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  • Flexible Drive Belt

    Flexible Drive Belt

    Each belt is 10 inches in length and has an OD of 5/64" (.0781). A unique method is employed to obtain a¬† Jointless¬† belt. Several of these may be combined to make a longer belt. Come in a package of 5 belts. Manufactured in Germany.  

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  • Solar #1 Chimney

    Solar #1 Chimney

    When this chimney is slipped into place, the efficiency of your Solar-1 Engine will greatly improve. Problems created by troublesome drafts will be eliminated. A higher engine RPM will be obtained using less fuel. The chimney is nickel-plated.  

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