• Safety Valve

    Safety Valve

    These safety valves use a stainless steel ball and spring in a brass body. They are set to blow at approximately 60psi. Threaded 5/16-27 Female (1/16 NPT).  

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  • Water Gauge & Glass Tube

    Water Gauge & Glass Tube

    Plain water gauge without drain or stop cocks, suitable for small boilers. Mounts 2-3/8" nominally center-to-center. All brass, with 3/16 OD glass tube. Threaded 1/4-40, comes with boiler bushings. Drain valve can be installed on bottom. Extra glass...

    $3.50 - $31.00
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  • Water Tank

    Water Tank

    This tank is for use with our boiler feed pump and our BLR-1 or BLR-2. 3-1/8"  OD x 4"  high copper tank with copper tank end. Kit includes one cast aluminum base, tank, tank end, and one 1/4-40 threaded bushing for outlet. Extra end available for...

    $10.00 - $69.00
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  • Boiler Feed Pump

    Boiler Feed Pump

    A small hand-operated, piston-type hydraulic pump used to replenish boiler water while boiler is in use and under pressure. Also used to hydrostatically test your boiler and other hydraulic applications. These pumps have been known to produce up to 400...

    $54.00 - $69.00
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  • Steam Boiler Kit #2

    Steam Boiler Kit #2

    WORKING REPLICA HORIZONTAL STATIONARY TUBULAR TYPE FACTORY STYLE STEAM BOILER KIT This steam boiler kit is offered in 1/12 scale to go with our machine shop tools. The boiler is constructed of copper and the firebox is steel with 10 aluminum castings...

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  • Steam Boiler Kit #1

    Steam Boiler Kit #1

    WORKING REPLICA VERTICAL13 FLUE STEAM BOILER KIT This model steam boiler kit will easily run one of our well constructed #2, #3 and/or #5 steam engines for light-duty use and demonstration purposes. Popular around the turn of the century because of their...

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  • PM Research Steam Engine #7

    Steam Engine #7

    WORKING REPLICA STATIONARY STEAM MILL ENGINE This kit comes as an un-machined casting kit or fully machined. This makes it a great project for any hobbyist or the more enthusiastic machinist with a small lathe. Because of the twin cylinders, this engine...

    $179.00 - $329.00
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  • Check Valves

    Check Valves

    Authentic scale model check valves in cast bronze. Available in horizontal and angle style in various model pipe threads.   Click here for information on model pipe threads.  

    $24.00 - $31.00
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  • Globe Valves

    Globe Valves

    Authentic scale model globe valves in cast bronze. Available in straight thru and angle style in various model pipe threads.  Click here for information on model pipe threads.    

    $36.00 - $49.00
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  • Stationary & Marine Engines Bulletin

    Stationary & Marine Engines Bulletin

    This 4 page bulletin by Orr & Sembower of Reading, PA illustrates the original advertisement and specifications for eight stationary and marine style steam engines. Features a sectional breakdown Class "A" horizontal engine used for mountain...

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